How To Pay for College 2022-23

FREE! FREE! FREE! Completing the FAFSA is FREE! Do not pay for assistance with FAFSA completion. REMINDER: You must renew your FAFSA each year in October by completing steps 2-5.

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Step Four: Submit paperwork requested by the financial aid office timely. If the U.S. Department of Education selects you for verification, the financial aid office is required to collect certain documents from you. Most financial aid offices will email this request. Be sure you check your email and respond timely. Occasionally other documents may be requested even if you are not selected for verification. Step Five: Review your aid offer. Once the financial aid office has completed your file, you should receive an aid offer by mail or email. You should read, understand, accept/decline, adjust awards as directed, and return the aid offer to your aid office. Contact your financial aid office if you have any questions or concerns. Step Six: Receiving Loans? Complete Federal Student Loan MPN (Master Promissory Note) & Loan Entrance Counseling @ Congratulations! You are ready to be a student! Go, Study, Learn!


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